My score…

June 1, 2009 at 7:33 pm

Dear Shirley,

I am happy that someone is checking my score.:) However, in review of my picks, we can see that #’s 18, 11, 24, 00, 1 (total 5) did not make the top 15, leaving me 10 or 100 pts on my picks. I had the 48 picked 3rd and it came in 1st (5 pts). I had the 16 picked 2nd, it came in 3rd (7 pts). I had the 9 picked 5th, it came in 6th (7 pts). I had the 39 picked 6th, it came in 8th (5 pts), I had the 5 picked 8th, it came in 10th (5 pts), and I had the 26 picked 14th and it came in 14th (ex 11 pts). Total 100+11+14+15=140

I did make changes to my original post though. Maybe you have those drivers…just my luck.:(

Keep reading and we’ll see how segment 2 goes. Good luck.

Best regards,