my roommate

May 23, 2008 at 11:53 pm

As for as age I have to guess she is in her 60’s-70’s. She was very active before all this occured and rode horses. Today she had to get a blood transfusion, she is in a great deal of pain. Her liver has a growth on it probably from all the medications she was on in ICU. She is still on oxegen, and can’t feel alot of her body functions. She has pneumonia and has a hard time even coughing but she’s on gabapentin and she can move her feet and hands so I think that looks very promising. She has a central line so she’s llucky and doesn’t have to be poked as much as I do. She still can’t get out of bed and the pain keeps her up and she has a hard time sleeping. She likes to talk to me and smiles when I go by and I have let them know about the foundation and the forum. They are very gratful for me being there and are really glad that I happened to be her roommate. I did let them know about the liason workers that come out and they are just happy to hear that things get better and I said that they should try to use this forum to get more info on how to handle things later and that it will really help. Thats about all the advise I could give and I really don’t know much more as confidentiality and I don’t think anymore should be given out. I just say pray for her she has some obsacles to still get past to recover and not all of them are GBS related it just complicates things more.

Hope that is good enough

P.S. I am at a hospital in Edmonton if a liason worker wants to pop by even to see me it would be appreciated but they might like it as well. just insant message me I fill you in on the details of where.