my pain solutions

August 7, 2011 at 8:37 pm

my first post to this website. Caught GBS diagnosis early and within 72 hours was in the ICU getting 5days of ivig treatments. Tried all over the counter pain meds once at home to no avail. Sleep meds seemed to help until I woke up. only relief came from being submerged in warm jacuzzi, no bubbles or movement, nerves quieted down after about 30 minutes of floating. also tried “accupressure” by laying on a tennis ball on my spine between my shoulder blades where the nerve pain radiated down my arms into my hands. Added heat pad and bengay type ointment also. The upside is that pain is the nerves mending….I always had better hand movement after a night of pain. This is a most unfair disease to a healthy don’t even have a family doctor type of person–striking without warning and no cure or prevention available … and so dibilitating. I also go into the pool and work out (so to speak) everyday which is helping to restore lost muscle in a comfortable weightlessness that the water provides for ease of movement. Be of good courage and try the water…I have read that most people fully recover from GBS in time–patience.