My own thread? Cool!

December 9, 2007 at 11:57 am

[QUOTE=Pam H]I took the liberty of reposting this thread for Andrew as it is is first post & might get buried under the rituxan thread. I know there a few members with this same type of neuropathy & was hoping they would see it & respond.

Hi Pam
Thank you for posting my original message. I know that you mentioned it previously, but it took me until today to find it while going through all the threads. I guess a search would have been a lot faster but the knowledge gleaned and gain in appreciation for the problems of others from all the different threads was well worth the time. It is hard to feel sorry for oneself when you see what others have gone through.

I am not sure where I should be posting in future, but as I wrote in the CIDP-Rituxan thread, I had my first infusion on Friday and it went well. My feet felt number (as in “more numb”) than normal in the last few days, opposite to what the Rituxan should do, but it is far too early to expect improvement from the first infusion, and I believe that going back to excercising recently has resulted in this sensation. Hopefully it’ll go away.

Thanks, Miami Girl too for your message. I have read many of your posts this morning on all the various threads and also have corresponded with Norb (very knowledgable) and Allaug too. Also, I looked into the ICD codes, but I haven’t been able to find any mention of the coding my doctors gave me in their reports, so I’lll have to ask next time I see them.

I have tried to find out as much about the success rate of Rituxan in treatment of IgM MGUS and for the most part it sounds very promising. So I am optimistic and will continue to give feedback on performance.

I like to add a little story here and there too, because I do see some humour in our plights. Norb’s story of walking across the street before he noticed that he was missing a shoe struck home last night as I was in and out of the house to BarBQ some pork tenderloins (maybe a mistake given the story of pork factory workers with CIDP), and noticed on one trip that I had a running shoe on one foot only. That’s not good because we have snow here…but it was comical anyway. So all the stories of pressing the gas pedal and brake at the same time, and tripping with the chain saw are for fun. Like the time I had sandals on and someone stepped on my toe. I didn’t notice until two hours later that my toenail had cracked lengthwise and I still wear a bandaid 2months later otherwise it gets caught when putting my socks on. Maybe we need a thread of funny numb-foot stories. (joking)

Enjoy your day and smile