My Monica at age 7 was diagnosed

May 25, 2006 at 9:37 am

But they have no idea what caused it. The only thing that was found in all the bloodwork and evals was that her liver enzymes were quite elevated. But even with that, there is nothing that they could tell us that would be ‘text-book’ triggers. She was not sick beforehand, had not eaten anything out of the ordinary, not received any vaccinations for over a year, nothing. At the time it was quite frustrating, but we’ve come to deal with it.

It took almost a week worth of seeing doctors at two clinics to finally get her admitted to the hospital and then diagnosed after two attempts at a spinal tap…..will never forget the first when they refused to sedate her… about cruel and unusual punishment!!! 😡 She has vivid memories of that still. It’s been almost 3 years which is hard to imagine too. It comes on so fast, and the healing is so slow….and then you look back and think ‘wow, where has the time gone?’