My home IVIG nurse and I laugh about the ‘Dr God’ syndrome!

December 22, 2009 at 8:09 pm

And, that attitude does more harm than good for ALL of us in the long term. They skew up diagnoses statistices [real diagnoses] Big Time!
When I was having infusion issues with a local hospital’s infusion clinic? I’d asked my neuro about alternatives. One neuro clinic was suggested to me [who is respected in some circles? But I call him the ‘quack’], and it was at the neuro practice that I’d left to see HIM! I’ll just say that I’d heard things, bad pharmacy practices about the infusion services there as well as the fact that they were provided on a second story walk up in stackable chairs in a hallway to sit in for the duration of any infusion. I’d told my current neuro I’d rather be dead than risk my self in that place! Some neuro’s simply do not care about some med issues, they tend to focus on what interests them. And then expect you to kiss their feet for helping them. That is sub-standard in my book.
I am guessing that the ‘chemistry’ between you and this neuro isn’t compatable. Are there any other neuro’s in his practice that might be? See if you can ‘web’ up any of the other docs there and see what their training has been and IF it falls into what you think you need. It doesn’t hurt to keep trying. What have you to lose at this point! Keep at it, please, there has to be a warm and trained body out there that you can communicate with!
Please don’t give up! The next one just might be the ‘gem’! Hope and good things and soon!