My does time fly….Almost 1 year since gbs/cidp?

September 18, 2008 at 1:23 pm

I skimmed over this posting so I could give a little update on current health situation… Hard to believe I’ve been on 500 mgs methylprednisilone (pulse steroids) since end of May 08.. I’m also on ivig twice every two weeks, with a slight reduction in the grams/kg coming in a few weeks… I’m going for a followup visit with Dr. Parry in December, and hopefully we can get these meds reduced!
The pulse steroids still give terrible insomnia, and irratability the first couple days after taking (currently taking on Sunday Mornings.. Stil don’t know or couldn’t tell you if they are helping/hurting… Although, I still feel I am improving…. (this little hernia surgery a couple weeks ago slowed me down a bit…)
In a few weeks, it’ll be my one year anniversary of the time I came down with this @#$! stuff…… Let’s hope there’s no repeat….. For any of those who have recently had this or struggling with gbs/cidp, I can tell you, most of the numbness is gone, and a lot of my strength is returning…
So I guess there is hope… Even though it is frustrating…..
I think I’m gonna start a thread, on what I’ve learned/unlearned about things I used to take for granted….It’s all good….deano:)