My dear sweet wife

May 4, 2009 at 5:40 pm

Now the 1st day I was at the va in intense care I had a really bad cough an I was coughing up flem.
The nurses there told me just to sollow it, but I just couldn’t bare to to that so I would just spit it out on my gown. Now I was completely paralyzed so of an evening for 15 hrs. a day my wife would stand on her feet suctioning me so I wouldn’t have to go through that.
Now after I went on the vent they kept me very sedated.
After about 14 days on the vent I had a pickline come loose an fall on the floor. THANK God my wife was there again because the nurse there was going to plug the line in after being on the floor but the wife wouldn’t let her.
The nurse was sooooooooo pissed having to change that line.
Now let me tell you about the nerve conduction test It was really usless all it did was cause me discomfort an pain as they expermented on me.
The damage to the sheeting was already done, there was nothing they were going to be able to do.