my dear GBS family

November 13, 2007 at 1:00 am

I just wanted to say hi and let you know Im alive and still standing. I have found out that traviling long way in car is not my thing, have you found that out too? I get so tierd and have trouble sleeping after even though I want to get some rest, the pain get too much and I have to take sleeping pills to shut my mind and body down. I went with some friend to summerhouse over the weekend and well I sleept most of the time and I got tierd of all the drinking they was doing, I did not touch it, Im afraid to blend alcohole and neurotine together and then Im not so good on my feet that I need a beer to help theim geting worse:D My friends did not realise how sick I was in the real time, they thought I could do this and so did I, but I was getting worried the day before Friday that I could not make it becouse of my diarrhea but I went and they had to stop two time on 3 hours travel to get my to toilet, and this was all the weekend I did some eating and then toilet and then sleep. **** happens:p . Well this is little of me and I hope every one is doing as best they can, and keep up humor for this things we call Get better slowly. Love you all and BIG hugs from Iceland, Helga