Moved to new hospital

January 25, 2008 at 9:52 am

Thank you all for your most informative posts. We have her at Robert W. Johnson hospital now and they have started plasmaferisis (yesterday). Carolyn got a “tingling” sensation all over after the therapy and the operator said it was probably due to not enough calcium. They gave her calcium through an IV and said today’s treatment would contain calcium. They will stop for the weekend and then continue next Mon, Wed and Fri.

We noticed she was a little more calm after the treatment and actually slept a little for the first time in days.

They’re introducing neurontin today. She’s been given advan by IV and that has really tamed her anxiety (she’s been very aggrivated and anxious and constantly states, “I want to get out of here” – it’s become her mantra).

We will ask today about bowel movement and “drop foot”. She really has not been eating and the doctor said yesterday they may have to put a feeding tube in today or tomorrow. We encourage her to eat but she has no feeling or taste and finds it very difficult to swallow although the docs say she can swallow but must be watched when eating and always in an upright position.

We brought in someone to stay with her during the night because she is so scared of not being able to breathe and that no one will notice. Again, thanks for all the advice and I’ll keep you informed.