Most Definitely, Yes, Get A Skin Biopsy

January 3, 2010 at 5:57 pm

Hi Sandila,
I have been on this forum for years, and many of you know the poor prognosis for me, as the protocol of treatment for CIDP failed for me.
But, MOST IMPORTANT, I suggest anyone with CIDP should get a simple skin biopsy. It is done in your neuro’s office–a simple numbing on an area of your thigh, then they just take two needle-type instruments, a quick jab with each, it’s over, then they send it to the lab. You just have bandaids over the two tiny little spots, that heal in a couple of days. It is NOTHING like a nerve biopsy. I personally don’t have feeling in my thigh, but if you do have feeling in your thigh, nothing will change with this biopsy–it is just like getting two injections in your thigh.
To me, this is the MOST IMPORTANT test, after iti is known that you do have CIDP, as this will see if your CIDP is or will attack your autonomic sytem. If the result shows, “small fibre atrophy”, then there is a good chance it will hit your autonomic system, like it did mine. This will explain things further, if you get ill in different parts of your body. Google “autonomic system”, and you will see what nerves the CIDP can attack in your body. My CIDP has attack almost all of my autonomic system–every time it hits a different part of my body, I get sent to another specialist, and get put on more pills…

Yes, Sandila, this is a simple test, but a most important test.