More than one delights

December 1, 2006 at 4:26 pm

It’s been quite a while since anybody had a delight to share, but now I have at least two!

A while ago, a friend of mine from an English-speaking country gave me this wonderful program were I can just dictate into a microphone and then my computer writes down what I’m saying. I had to train while before most of the errors were overcome, but now it works quite well. This must be a heavenly program for people who are completely unable to use a keyboard! I’m able to use two fingers when I’m writing on my laptop, but even for me this program is a great help. Of course this program works only in English so when I want to write Norwegian, I have to use my fingers. Even if all my friends understand English, it would seem rather peculiar if I started sending them e-mails in English!

My other delight is that I’ve seen the first picture of my grandchild. A few days ago, my daughter-in-law went to an ultrasound examination and had pictures taken. My son and his wife could of course have chosen to wait to find out what gender their child was, but they didn’t want to wait so they found out that their little baby is a boy! On the picture I could see his profile, and I think he looks like his grandfather, especially his chin! We were discussing a name, but found out that it was hard to decide before we had seen him. The doctor said that he is due at the end of March.:) I’ll keep you posted on the subject!