more symptoms

March 18, 2010 at 12:32 am

You have just described my life!!!! My first symptom was double vision and depth perception issues. Turns out I had undiagnosed Miller Fischer Syndrome for years which manifested to CIDP. My vision has never returned to normal, but habbit has made life possible again. But this time, O feel I have regressed 7 years and am learning how long my arms can reach!!!! You described my days and they are awful. I contacted my neuro and didn’t hear back from him:( Another thing is that my heart rate has shot up. Resting rate os between 105-115 per moinute. Not too sure if this is another side effect or a reason to get back to the hospital or call yet another dr and get a cardiologist invbolved..,.,……:eek:

[QUOTE=limekat]I haven’t heard of this as a side effect of IVIG?? I got eye pain from the infusion fluids causing swelling in that area but when I went to a 10% concentration it went away.I was told the IVIG may help with depth of field problem but didn’t. Sigh.
Do contact your neuro about this to be sure.

I also have the CIDP depth of field issue and went to special eye doc about it. He said it was more of a nuisance than a bother.
I thought I’m paying you $ 450.00 to hear you say it’s nothing?? You try to maneuver having a strange sensation of not much balance/can’t determine where the floor is/ florescent lights make you flinch/bruises all over/breaking the same big toe nail month after month/figuring out where exactly the door knob is/etc. A silly nuisance, huh??[/QUOTE]