more Rituxanisms

August 6, 2006 at 9:23 am

Hi all,

Met with neurologist and we are reducing IVIG to every other week. I’m totally tense about doing this, but he is correct in saying “if we’re not going to reduce the IVIG, then why are we trying the Rituxan?”.

At this point I’m eleven days out since my last IVIG and so far so good. I’m still working full time from home and I go into the office one day each week.

Thursday, I vacuumed the entire house (small house). Friday I did some laundry and ran the hoover steam cleaner over the carpet high traffic areas in our entry way and family room. I suppose it is because I didn’t have IVIG this past Wednesday but this is the first time in eight years I have felt strong enough to do these kinds of things! Surprisingly, I haven’t really paid the price by crashing the day after. I’m sore as can be but it’s just muscle soreness from muscles complaining that they are being used again. I feel like this is a dream or something!