More on D3

October 23, 2010 at 10:25 pm

There is a difference between Vitamin D and D-3. You can have normal D but low D-3 ~ I don’t know why ~ but I certainly did. That being said D-3 as cholecalciferol was recommended (evidently there are other kinds). I did my research and like most of us in search of ‘the cure’ or even ‘a little better’ decided to try it. And as previously stated – didn’t work. Possibly I didn’t give it enough time or it just didn’t help. Who knows? However my sources were were a nurse practitioner (I get good information from nurses ~ and was actually properly diagnosed by a nurse in a few minutes after years of misdiagnoses by four MD’s). and my own research. I found it interesting, a possible connection and just want to share. My dosage was 4000 ICU/day for 60 days.