More Information Re: Prognosis

December 14, 2006 at 8:42 am

My sisiter and I met with one of Dad’s doctors yesterday. I had come with information from this website. First he told us that in Canada we do the IVIG and one time only. They either do IVIG or PP not both. Plasmapheresis has to be done at a larger hospital 2 hours away. They have not done the test that determines permanent nerve damadge. I guess they just rubbed a crystal ball to get that outcome. The neurologist told us last week that he felt the damadge would be permanent. The most shocking news was that he would be on a vent for 6-12 MONTHS. The second doctor told us to fill his space with x’mas decorations and bring him funny movies to keep his spirits up. Some big shot came up to ICU and said because of the voltage of the television he can not watch the tv and dvd player that we had supplied. By this point I nearly came unglued. They assured me the tv issue would all be sorted out by today. I told the nurses and the technician I hoped so because they did not want to deal with me everyday regarding this. During the past month of this ordeal I have wondered what my breaking point was……… I think I’m there…………..