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June 10, 2008 at 4:12 am

Im starting to feel better and my numbness in my feet is from middle of the calfs. and my hands are still numb, but I can walk, I have to think each step but Im starting to get faster and that tells my my mind and feet are starting to talk together.
I got some stumac flue in begin of this month and dont seems to get over it, doctor´s are scear I get relaps from it. my feet have got havier but what a heck if I cant get little flu, my hubby is on his neddles and pins, very scear about me. I try to have as normal life as I can but somtimes Im so tierd that I cant work like I want to. And doing all the fine job in my candlemaking makes my nuts, my hand is so clumsy, but with practise I get there somday.
Like we say one day at the time, it seems to me forever, I did not thought when I got GBS first time it would take such long time to get normal again, but Im still not normal and I think maby I have to stay like Im forever. But if that is the case I will learn to live with it and respect that and make life beautiful with me like I´m
here is a link to a album about my family if you are intresting in what life is in Iceland

Helga from Iceland