Mom’s dying

February 20, 2007 at 1:58 pm

In my own case I was called up to my mother’s home in December because her medical professionals said she was dying. She was then discharged from a nursing facility to her own home as she requested. Once I was there, her primary nurse-practioner asked me if I wanted to contact a hospice organization and I of course agreed as I needed badly needed help. The hospice organization was extremly helpful in providing nursing, medications, and home health aides (paid for by her medicare related health program) as well as free volunteers to sit with her, do shopping, fix meals,etc. Neighbors also provided some help. She is still receiving help even though her condition has stablized somewhat. Of course I’m not sure if my experience fits your situation.

[QUOTE=Roxie]My mother has been diagonosed with terminal osteocarcinoma. I have been there for her everyday after work and on my days off. These are ususally days I need to catch up on my rest. I have been backsliding soooooo very bad. Cramps, tingles, fatigue, well you just name it. What am I suoppose to do? I know she doesn’t have long to live but I am killing myself. This sounds so selfidsh so I will just be quiet. I don’t know what’s happening to me though. All my residuals are coming back. It really scares me and she can tell it too. Some help please……… xoxoxoxoxoxx Roxie[/QUOTE]