mobility now

March 13, 2008 at 10:30 pm

Funny you should ask as am just home from a session at the gym!. have thrown in physio as just so badly want to get back to normal etc. (was doing regular triathlons before this hit me).
Mobility now is pretty great really, am not back to normal, reakon roughly about 85% now. am totally independant with walking, can run a very small block, and can bike ride 10 mins on interval training at the gym (on no resistance level tho.) but have only been back at gym for 4 sessions. have very high hopes, am planning on skiing in 6 mths so that is the aim at the gym, to get legs reliable and strong etc. at present am still having to be cautious going down lots of steps etc, or on uneven ground, am not up to the speed of my children but i can manage most things myself just a wee bit slower than the kids, thats all.
Re Imuran, i havent had any noticeable effects yet other than high liver function which has now resolved (took about 3 mths to settle).
Glad things ticking along in right direction for you. Keep us posted.