MMN conduction Block

October 27, 2008 at 8:50 am

Hi Barry,

Glad to hear your treatments are helping!!. I have no experience with IVIG treatments yet, but, I have been diagnosed with similar EMG findings.

I have the nerve blockages in both legs and arms as you do. nerve conduction below the blockages are great. 43 as well. My diagnosis is
Multifocal CIDP and is certain. I just had my 4th EMG last Friday and the
blockages are still indicating in the same area but moved in location a few inches. Don’t get that but:

Anyway, Dr. Brown told me the two any only diagnosis possibilities for me are MMN or Multifocal CIDP. He told me the only difference between the two is that Pain is associated with the CIDP varient and not normally found with MMN. Either way, your treatment are helping so that is what counts. I wonder the difference in your case as to what made it MMN?? It sound like you have some noteworthy Pain. Also the Gabapentin works real good for me. I didn’t care for the Lyrica either.

Good Luck Barry!