miller fisher /gbs

July 4, 2006 at 12:29 am

I may be missing something but i was told the reason what i had (Link deleted by administration)
story#2]was miller fisher because mine started in the head ,my eyes to be exact and worked down!:rolleyes: I was uncousious in less than an hour so i dont know the exact track this terrible syndrome took on my body!but i was taken to a hospital quickly ,but they thought i was having a brain stem stroke!,,this doc practically gave up on me! luckily my dear sister lived in the area and she was there quickly and felt my fingers move when questions were asked of me! this is how i could communicate yhat i was still here in my mind anyway~! but i dont think anyone in that hosp e-mergency room knew what guillain barre’ syndrome” was or is!..i luckily had a cousin in the chicago area as radiologist that recognized my symptoms and had me taken to UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HOSPITAL AND CLINICS by helocopter that following night! thank GOD!