October 28, 2007 at 1:57 am

This site has helped me a bunch.I appreciate life everyday now. Why if you were still in icu and paralized thru and thru and on the vent, and having someone to turn you when they got time, and not when you wanted turned. I remember those days all to well, and yeah, the Drs did give up on me. My hip bones felt like they were punching right thru the skin and would have given anything for someone to turn me on my side. Whatcha gonna do Michael when things get worse for you ? Oh yeah, just wait and there is a good chance we all will get worse when the years start pileing up on us. It has started for me and I am afraid of all of the above coming back on me again as I get older. We don’t know what is gonna happen to us before we leave this old world; so enjoy each and everyday and all your friends and family as if this is the last day of your life.Take care all my friends.
God bless,