January 3, 2007 at 3:36 am

sorry, did not mean to cause any further confusion (as if things aren’t confusing enough for you already). I thought Miller Fisher involved more cranial nerves than classic GBS but i might be mistaken. I just wanted to let you know that his lack of facial control is not uncommon and hopefully it will come good with time. And, seeing you are taking such an interest in his case and researching his condition, i thought i would mention MF so you can arm yourself with that info as well. Not that it alters type of treatment or anything.


October 6, 2006 at 1:01 am

[QUOTE]sounds to me like you got the GBS as well as Miller Fisher because of your feet[/QUOTE]

yes i had GBS with Miller Fisher variant – if you are going to get GBS you may as well go the whole hog!

vmac my eyes were the first to go and the last to come back too – but they do come back dont they, tahat was really freaking me out that i would have double vision forever until i read a post on here that they came back overnight. I only had to wait a week after leaving hospital so was able to drive quite soon.