Memory "Fog"

January 19, 2010 at 10:23 pm

Dear Friends:

I was in a Rehab Facility located in Jeffersonville, IN. This is just accross the Ohio river from Louisville, KY. When I was able to use my slide board my wife could check me out for one hour on occasions. I love fish and each time we would check out at lunch time and go to a place called KingFish. Rosemary would get a fishbox for two and we would drive to a park on the waterfront and have our lunch.

I have been on those roads hundreds of times, but I could not remember the streets, turns, etc., or how to get to the riverfront park. Knowing that I had a blood staph infection (with GBS and other diseases), pneumonia and that my temperature of 107.9 with BP of 44/0…I was thinking that maybe the high temperature may have caused some brain damage. And I could not remember how to get back to Rehab. This continued each time we went out, and about 2-3 months after I was released and came home.

I don’t think I have brain damage, however my speech is at a slightly slower pace than it was. My long and short term memory is very good and other than maybe the first 7-8 months of memory “fog” things are pretty much normal.

Regards to all.