memory loss, klonopin, and the whole crazy thing…

November 21, 2006 at 2:12 am

We have fought the memory loss thing for a while, with my husband;s CIDP- very frustrated for him as his genius IQ and photographic memory is now severely challenged. He takes a list to go to staples or lowes these days.

We find the lyrica or neurontin and other meds for CIDP including klonopin are part to blame, and I agree with Pam H that general fatigue from fighting pain and CIDP in general is part to blame. Depression is part to blame. Not sleeping well at night is to blame. At 2 am now, I just got up to give Todd another klonopin to get through the night- the more he does, the more he hurts- including muscle cramps. But for risk-versus-benefit, it is an amazing drug in a small package with fewer side effects than you might think.

Sandila- the nerve biopsy is not absolutely necessary- see [url][/url]. BUT, having said that, Todd had one, and I”m so glad- it nailed the diagnosis and is one constant when we are checking and rechecking things, and so unsure of what works and what doesn’t etc. Healing time is fast. Get someone who knows what they are doing and does a good surgery- our neurologist did ours and was very good.

Goodspeed everyone,
Sigrid and Todd
CIDPers since 2005
partners for life since 1992