Medpro called today

June 23, 2009 at 4:12 am

Medpro called today and they really were nice talking too. They needed directions to my home and so far everything is all being handled through my doctor and insurance. They are coming out next Monday! So I won’t be getting an Infusion this week but starting this coming Monday I will! So I have a week to wait! Whew! I am a bit nervous but excited at the same time! Excited in the hopes of getting better but scared too!

They told me they have a payment plan too just in case I can’t afford to pay everything at one time! So that helps! But the bill even after my insurance pays is going to be a whopper! Gosh this stuff is not cheap! But I don’t care anymore! I need the stuff! I want to get well and hope it works!

Norb! Glad to hear from you again! I have been wondering where you were at! But glad to see that you are enjoying a summer vacation before you finally settle down in your new home. I wish you my best and hope this move becomes a smooth an easy one for you!

The man at Medpro I talked with today sais that they handle everything. The Nurse, the IVIG’s and they get all the supplies to me. They even have a kit just in case you start having problems.

When I was in the hospital they told me the risk of having pulmonary edema along with menigitis type symptoms, possible heart failure. I was petrified! But I did pretty good at least I think, except for the first day where I ended up getting sick throwing up! Then the second day I was so frightened I would get sick again!

Maybe being at home in a more relaxing atmosphere will be better. I did notice that I would doze off alot when they gave me the infusions last week. Didn’t think of Benedryl making me sleepy. But then too that Oxycarbamezpine that they are giving me is knocking me flat on my face! I take the one pill and I sleep 5 hours!

Wake up and then it’s time for another pill and I sleep 5 more hours! That stuff is strong! I was told the first few weeks it will make me groggy and they were right on that one!

Thanks for all the advice in regards to home infusions! I am still a bit nervous having it at home but no need to be until the time comes. It might not be as bad having it here! Thanks family!

Just praying it works for me! So far so good though! My biggest fear right now is me getting that numbness and tingling mess again where it makes me sick like last week. I sure hope and pray I don’t ever see that again! I was just about ready to tell my husband to get in touch with my son and try to get him home. He’s in the Navy too and getting him home is like fighting tooth and nail.I actually thought I was dying.

And then I found out that he left out to Sea again! So I won’t hear from him for another 6 months. I hate him being in the Military. I worry about him alot! He is on a Nuclear Submarine and when they leave Port they stay out to Sea for 6 months. This stuff with Korea going on too has me on pins and needles. I never know where he is at until he contacts me and then he tells me his experience and where he was at! He always buys me something when they land in a Port somewhere! And he has been to alot of countries! I a really prous of him though! Well I better hit the sack! Have a good night family!
Linda H