Medications to try?

February 4, 2011 at 1:29 pm

As of today, Feb. 4th, 45 people have viewed your post yet none of us have answered. Hmmm….?

I’ll answer your question indirectly, heck, my wife says I always do. Answer indirectly, I mean.

My first choice of meds is none of those you are taking, although I have taken some of them, I weaned myself from them as rapidly as possible.

Of course, it’s only my opinion, but the sum of those meds on your list sounds toxic to me.

I reckon I would jump through any kind of hoop to avoid ritalin. When I get fatigued, I take a nap. Last thing I want is a chemical stimulant that is habit forming, likely requires that I take more and more of it and may cause unusual changes in behavior in addition to my existing problems. On top of that, I reckon the fatigue is the body’s way of saying ‘hey, that’s enough, don’t overdo it.’

I prefer the somewhat unpopular ‘natural’ supplement route. Folic acid, B-vitamin complex, in particular B-12, Broad spectrum L-Carnitine, Broad spectrum Magnesium, fish oil and CoQ10. I no longer take folic acid, but I did for awhile. Of all those, fish oil and CoQ10 are the ones I don’t want to go without.

But, I don’t suffer the extreme ranges of pain and tingling that some of you do. In those days when I did suffer higher pain levels I used narcotic, or near narcotic meds plus Soma (carisoprodol) for muscle aches and pains. Seems to me my days on Lyrica were unremarkable, pain wise. I no longer take it either.

Best wishes on your recovery which ever route you take.