Me and the heater and still working!

December 22, 2008 at 5:59 am

Well I got busy drawing Christmas cards yesterday (ok, I’m a little late, I’ve been under the weather – remember? and I usually don’t do them but I’ve been guilted into it) ANYWAY I got busy and I actually FORGOT that I’d had treatment on Saturday. For as long as I can remember I have felt side effects from the IVIg for a week or more after treatment and all of a sudden I realized it was 5:00, I was still awake, my belly didn’t hurt, I was sitting in a real chair and had been for 2 hours and I didn’t feel like a duck sucked through a jet engine. I was so confused I got up and asked my husband if I’d really had treatment.

And TODAY I’m STILL doing just fine! And so is the heater, by the way… so far nothing else has broke on it or gotten clogged or just quit from being ornery. I’m not used to things being so good so I’m not quite sure what to do with myself… :p

Thank goodness the heater is working, for now, because it sure got cold and I think the wind has found every little draft place it can in our house. You’ll be walking along all nice and toasty and then POOF get hit with a tiny blast of 10 degree air, in random places too – like your eyelid, or the corner of your elbow – so unexpected, so chilling, so totally spooky too! My dog Harley completely lost it yesterday when he got hit with a microblast from our “really needs to be replaced” sliding glass door. He was looking around like somebody goosed him and stalked all the way across the room to snap at his brother, who was sound asleep on the couch where he shouldn’t have been. :rolleyes:

As for being a writer – I guess I’ve thought about it but not seriously because I have no ideas for stories and have a hard time sustaining a thought on some days. Plus I failed my freshman English class in college so that destroyed my confidence. 😉 If I keep you all entertained and not thinking about being sick well then that’s plenty for me. As long as I’m not boring you that’s enough for me too!

Have a fun day ya’ll!