Mayo Clinic Rochester Lodging

April 10, 2011 at 3:25 pm

First, the hospital (St. Mary’s, not Rochester Methodist) is about 10 blocks from where you will likely have all your appointments. Refer to-


Second, a really cheap place is here-[url][/url] $32.95 and up. But, I wouldn’t stay there!!

Thirdly, One place we stayed is Guest House International. currently quoting $64.95-


If I got the place right, they have somebody’s famous rib place attached to the building. Yes, they offered ‘free’ breakfast at the motel.

For stays of a week at a time, at least they charge for 7 days minimum, try Value Place-


Currently quoting $189 per week. Dishes and utensils are extra. Likely no new sheets or towels unless you ask for them. But, they do have a kitchenette. It is a little far from everything, yet it is still on a shuttle route to downtown.

Hope you can rent a car! You gotta go see the corn and soy bean fields, the Mississippi river and Mall of America up near the Twin Cities. Also, there’s a small outlet mall about 45 minutes drive to the west.

Maybe you’ll get to see a tornado! fun….

I did not have any downtime. oops- except for the upper arm nerve biopsy! I was there almost two weeks because I arrived mid-week and the nerve biopsy was not scheduled until the last minute late the 2nd week!

Well, I thought I might have downtime after my spinal tap. I had a terrible recovery from a 2006 spinal tap that left me flat on my back for days, if not weeks. However, since you are at Mayo, if you did need a blood patch I reckon you would get it right away.

My Mayo Clinic spinal tap was a no big deal event. Unremarkable. In, tap, out- finished.

You’ll be there and be all tested before you know it. Good luck.