Max dose of IVIG? Maybe not a record, but it’s a lot

April 19, 2011 at 11:20 am

In a different post someone stated they weighed 158lbs and further that, “I used to get 75 grams every Saturday and another 75 grams on Sunday and have 2 weeks in between. ”

Therefore, taking a one day dose of 75g and weighing 158lbs, do the math:

.4g/kg is a normal dose. substitute an unknown amount, let it be x

therefore, (x)g x #kg = 75

#kg for 158lbs = 71.62

substituting, (x)g x 71.62 = 75

yields, (x)g = 75/71.62

finally, (x)g = 1.04

Or, 2.6 times the ‘standard’ dose of .4g/kg!

Is it a record? 150g over two days every two weeks. Well, there are 4 1/3 weeks in a month. Let’s say it was 75g per week, it’s easier to do the math. So, 75 x 4.33 = 324.75g per month.

And, for now, so it is- a new record dose of IVIG for maintenance treatment.