September 4, 2006 at 1:36 pm

Mason started having leg cramps the first off july. He also was studdering bad. He has always been off balance falling down. He has always held his left arm were his wrist hangs down. We just thought it was because he was left handed.
Mason had bad headaches in March thru june. They diagnosed him with a head concussion. They said he had swelling on the frontal lobe.
By July 18 his cramps had moved up to his arms. He was in severe pain. It would hurt to touch him. July 21, I took him to a Dr Hall, 1hr and 30 min away. Dr Hall told me he could not see anything wrong with Mason. I told him something is wrong with my son. I could not explain it, but something was bad wrong.
He took blood, by the time I got home Dr Hall called me, himself and told me Masons liver count was elavated. He wanted me to come back that Sat or Sun.
Masons Birthday party was Sat so we were going to go Sun. Sat night after the party he could not walk the bottom of his feet were killing him. I carried him to bed. Three hours later the pain had moved to his back.
I told my husband I was taking him to the ER. The Dr at the ER said all he could do was give him a shot for pain.
We got home at 3:30 that morning. I stayed awake Making sure Mason was breathing. We got to Mobile at 9am. Dr Hall sent us to USA hospital. He has been admitted three times in one month. What I have a hard time understanding, Mason can be fine one minute then all of the sudden he is in terrible pain. I can’t figure out whay is triggering it.
He also is very sensitive about noise, he is scared to death of thunder storms and lighting. I have never seen him act like this. His personality has changed too. He is angery.
Today is the first day he is not hurting. I am so happy.
I guess I have shared enough. I hope my rambling has helped someone.