May 3, 2008 at 9:08 pm

Hi all,
I do live in a state where it is legal, (California).
My CIDP hit my autonomic system, (small fiber atrophy), and is knocking off my organs one by one.
About a year ago, I was losing quite a bit of weight when it hit my stomach, (the nerves controlling the stomach), as I had tremendous nausea.
My doctor prescribed it for me. It comes in the pill form, and is
called “Marinol”, (THC). He told me to regulate it myself, taking up to three pills at one time.
I tried one, (which turned out to be the dose I kept it at), as well as 2 pills, (stoned and not a care), and 3 pills, (whoa-stop the room from moving-I want to get off this ride)…
It has been a great help! It does help with nausea and loss of appetite. (I do get the munchies when I take it.) It also helps with pain, though I need to take 2 pills if the need arises.
I am on chemotherapy now, (Cytoxin at 2000 mg per time), and the pill comes in handy for the nausea.
(Prednisone, IVIG, and plasmaphereses did not work for me.)
My doctor told me two summers ago, that I had about two more years left of life in me. This summer, is that second year. The CIDP had done a terrible job on my body. He told me that a bad flu or lung infection will be what will do me in, as the nerves controlling my diaphram no longer work and I have shallow breathing. My team of doctors are working hard at trying to put it into remission. My Primary Care Doctor is wonderful, and wants me to be as comfortable as possible, which is why he prescribed the Marinol.
I have to laugh–back in my hippy days, (I am 52 years old now), I was always getting stoned, either by smokin’ joints or taking THC tabs, and always partying. I had actually quit smokin pot, as my throat was getting burnt-out and I was getting a raspy voice. Now I am taking it legally…
My neighbor has tremendous lower back pain. I gave him a bottle or the Marinol, and it worked very well.
Yes-I am all for this. I did not ask for it-my doctor suggested it. I think they know the medicinal value of it, and are behind getting it to the people who need it.
Good luck to those states that are trying to get it passed. Or why not visit a state where it is legal, and get a supply of it, if your doctor is willing to contact another doctor in the legal state for a script?