March 2, 2009 at 8:54 pm

Thanks Norb
Unfortunately the stock market is falling faster than my Anti-MAG titers, and soon I won’t be able to afford any more Rituxan!!
On the subject of a maintenance program, I fear that the symptoms alone are not a satisfactory guide because by the time I notice things (loss of balance, numb hands, stocking and glove feeling advancing up legs, etc.) it may be too late to avoid further irreversible nerve damage. So I am hoping to convince my haematologist that I should check IgM levels every couple of months or so. Hopefully a shift in direction over two consecutive measurements might be an indicator of increased need for monitoring symptoms or even the need for an infusion.

By the way, it sure is hard to find out any information about PDN patients who have taken Rituxan for a few years. Another good question for the upcoming conference next month here in toronto.