mad about…

July 22, 2006 at 8:48 am

That God won’t reveal his plan for me and CIDP or that i’m too ignorant to figure it out.
That people are so selfish (including me).
That we don’t realize how selfish we are.
That people get mad at me for driving the speed limit.
That I’m too nice to just ram into the idiots who cut me off when I’m in my wheelchair.
That I’m depressed.
That I’m so negative.
That people slow down to 30mpg in a 70mph zone if there is someone on the side of the road or if there are “blue lights” on the side of the road.
That truckers don’t obey the “stay in the right 2 lanes” signs.
That I can’t drink large quantities of alcohol anymore.
That there aren’t any radio-active-glass-parking-lots in the middle east yet.
That people who park in handicap spaces without proper signage don’t get tickets even when cops drive right by their cars.
That cops patroling parking lots are too good to get their fat asses out of the car and check the cars parked in handicap spots.
That people run yellow and red lights at intersections.
That I suck at finances.
That I’m stuck in this crappy house.
That this house is too small.
That this house is a wreck.
That most of the time I don’t give a rats ass about most anything anymore …
maybe I shouldn’t have found this thread …