March 7, 2008 at 4:42 pm

😀 Hello Mac34,

I was dx with CIDP two years ago. The starnge part is that I was in denial so bad because I did not have any of the symptoms except for foot pain. I read and read everything I could about CIDP and there was nothing happening to me that said I had this disease, as a matter of fact I was told that I was flat footed and had plantar Facistits (bad speller) now two years later right before Thanksgiving 06 I could not stand up or write my name. It just happend out of no where. I said all of this to say, that although I have had this disease for a while I’m just now starting the process of dealing with having such an illness. I so totally understand you when you say “NO ONE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT” I Have a wonderful husband, but he said that he is scared to talk to me sometimes because he knows that I’m going to talk about CIDP or IVIG or something like that, I have family members that I call and I have noticed that they keep their conversations short with me.

Mac, I’m proud of you for dealing with this as long as you have and I pray to God that I can withstand and improve with medication so that I can see my children go to college and get married, I want to see and hold my Grandchildren. Hold on Mac! I say this for you and me and the many others that suffer daily with CIDP.

Cheer up! Pay close attention to the good days, and when they come, Thank God for THAT DAY. If all you can do is lay on the couch today! then do it, if you can do more tomorrow then do that and try not to let your family or friends make you feel guilty for being sick, because none of of want this in our lives.

Take care and free your mind.


P.S I’m a terrible speller and writer and I have dozens of run on sentences going on, but who gives a darn. hahahaha I’m just glad my hands are allowing me to type.