Lots of very good things said here!

January 2, 2009 at 8:07 pm

First off? Anger! That kind of goes with the whole ‘depression’ thing, doesn’t it? My docs would for the first year or two ask me ‘if I was depressed’…I could only respond sensibly with: If you had this? Wouldn’t You go thru some depression? Then they’d offer some anti-anxiety stuff [things I do NOT get along well with] and I would decline. Honestly, when your life throws you such curve balls, you are supposed to cheer? I don’t know about anyone else, but I simply try to make the best of this situation.
Second swollen hands/feet? Most of the time, my hands/feet FEEL much more swollen than they really are. Almost arthritic at times. The best thing I can suggest is what I do to help things along… I hand massage any really noticable swellings [mostly in my ankles and partly due to prior plain old injuries] I massage UP the leg and I’ve had therapists do it to the point that swelling disappears- helps the circulation. It doesn’t take that ‘feeling’ away, but it sure looks better!
Third, Hair Loss? Wow! Did I EVER have that right after my onset! My skin turned to paper and would flake off in large bits, like big snowflakes. And my scalp too-tho with hair to boot! That is when I KNEW I was more sick than my first neuro’s diagnosis-changed neuros, got right diagnosis. I used common sense and would literally slather hand lotion on my head for hours, then switched to a mild dandruff shampoo and super restoring conditioner. For my skin? I use the mildest yet most effective lotions I can afford. I can slather lotion on my arms and it’ll be GONE in less than 10 minutes! All soaked in. My autonomic body systems do not produce body oils naturally any more-and well, you have to compensate for such losses. Somehow.
Last? About waking up sore? Do you move much when you are asleep? I think this could have something to do with it, tho I don’t know what. When I’ve a restless night sleeping? I am able to get up and move about better in the morning. Makes no sense but it happens.
Everyone else here is much more wise than I am tho… but I hope this helps a little?