Lots of knowledge

April 15, 2007 at 11:15 am

What a great thread. Thanks, Gene, for starting it. Chrissy had sent me the same article a while back. I’ve copied it and given it to my primary care Doc as well as my physiotherapists. It was appreciated on both ends.

Bonnie, well said. I realize it is necessary to hear plenty of positive feedback when we each start this difficult journey of diagnosis and hospital stays, but I’ve always felt almost cheated that I was told there would be full recovery. Our friends and family want to hear those words as much as we do at the time…but we are left holding the bag and trying to understand and explain, years later, when we haven’t made that “full recovery” and may look as though we did.

It’s always reassuring to come here and know there are friends who do understand.

Thanks to everybody who contributes, especially those “senior members” who hold such a wealth of information and understanding.