June 19, 2008 at 8:01 pm

Hello Caryn,
One thing you can do that will help you alot is to go to the symposium in November which is going to be in the Chicago area. Details of it will be mailed out in August, but you have to make sure you are a member of the foundation and not just the forum to receive the info. You can also wait until August and register for the symposium online by going to the main web site [url]www.gbs-cidp.org[/url]

Go to the symposium, wear a BIG name tag and you’ll see how many of us will hug you.

I lost my mom recently and I miss her so very much. I know what a mom means to you and I have a shoulder for you to lean on. All you have to do is click on my name and send me an email. The only reason I wouldn’t respond is my computer will shut off on me and I might not be able to keep it running until I get my new computer.

Don’t ever give up, we do have hope, it’s just a matter of finding what works for you.