LindaH’s Hobbies

October 13, 2008 at 9:26 am

Gosh! I have so many of them! Lets see here:

Past hobbies used to be more sports, like swimming, water skiing, fishing, jogging, camping, hiking. Mainly enjoyed outdoor activities. Refinishing antique furniture. Gardening!

Present day hobbies:
Gardening: Used to enjoy that past day as well but now I switched to Container Gardening making it much easier on my back and less weeds to pull.

Refinishing furniture: But a much easier version. Smaller pieces instead of larger ones. Have not done that in a while since my house already has enough furniture in it! No more room to put anything else!

Crocheting: Can still do that but much slower in my hands than I used to be.

Reading: I like old books. Antique Books. Stories from another century. Love reading antique medical books. So much learning in them.

Sea Shell Art: This is one of my favorites doing today. Making things out of Sea Shells. Sailors Valentines! Have made Victorian Powder Boxes, Mirrors, Picture Frames and even have an old antique trunk that I am working on.

Beading: Like making Christmas Decorations with Beads.

Yard sales: Love them! Hit at least two every weekend! When I feel good!

Canning and Freezing Homegrown Fruits and Vegetables. My husband has to help me tighten my jars but I still try to do that!

Web Surfing! Enjoy that!
Online games. Enjoy playing games!

Things I like to collect: Antique Greeting Cards and Post Cards, Antique Fashion Magazine Books and rare unusual Books that are Antique, Collect Antique Trunks and redo them for storing things in, Collect Antique Quilts, Antique Bottles from 1940’s down. German Beer Steins, Cookie Jars, German Pewter, Antique Silverplated items, Ironstone, Depression Glass, McCoy Vases. Antique Costume Jewelry!
I could go on with collecting! I love antiques and have a rather huge collection of them all over my house! Each room has something antique in it! And my trunks are filled with hidden treasures!

Since June when I had the major attack on my nervous system. I really have not done to much except for my gardening with the help of my husband and canning and freezing along with reading. Tons of Web surfing. Only a few yards sales this year. Alot stopped because I was so sick and just felt so bad.
Hopefully I will be doing some of my hobbies again The fall and winter I do more crocheting and sea shell work, and beading. I like playing with the sea shells the best. It’s like putting a puzzle together making a design and each project turns out it’s own personality.