Limekat – good description!

October 15, 2007 at 1:54 pm

I mean, what GOOD does it do to cry or yelp or whine or writhe when you are in SUCH PAIN? Takes up too much energy and doesn’t change things one bit! Being given ‘narcotics’ in any hospital for the kind of pain we can have is like putting a ‘Band-Aid’ on a large deep body gash…= Not much? Hummm? EXCUSE ME? When have YOU felt as if an elephant was sitting on you crushing your bones and you were also being inserted into a human sized french-fry vat? Try it sometime, tell me how it FEELS!
Ken, I surely wish I had some sort of ‘magic wand’ to wave and make things better…Maybe just the IDEA of it happening could help one teeny bit?
Goodness Knows, this stuff does NOT give up, does it?