Like you, I truly hate the waiting for test results..

March 19, 2010 at 7:32 pm

only to get that dratted ‘inconclusive’ word stuck in there. That it mite be ‘family related’ doesn’t necessarily mean that it is CMT tho. There is a huge menu of neuropathies, some inherited, others not.
I am truly glad that you make time with your family to do ‘fun’ things! Giggleing, laughing, smiling, relaxing and feeling at peace with yourself, no matter how brief can and DO helps us heal in our minds. THAT kind of healing is worth more than any drugs on earth! Sometimes we get soo serious and stuck in hurt mode that we forget simple pleasures. We need them more now than we did before, because we truly appreciate them more now.
OT, but funny? have you seen the Geico commercial w/Warren Buffet as a rock singer? It’s a little smile for you along the way… 😀
BTW…WALK BAREFOOT? Not done that since onset! Ouchie…
Keep at the research, you will get your answers and maybe, I hope and pray, some relief and soon!