Like I don’t have enough stress!!!

September 16, 2009 at 12:52 am

Friday night my husband had a heart attack. I know the symptoms, and I was able to get him to the hospital quickly. They did an angeoplasty and were able to remove the blockage. He was released on Monday.
I took him to the same hospital that he took me to in May. One of the doctors looked up and almost yelled at me, “are you OK?” It was almost comical.
So now I am worried about and nursing my husband, as well as taking care of myself. Thank goodness our children are old enough to help us.
My husbad was scheduled to get a knee replacement next week, now that has been posponed for six months.
The both of us are limping around (my feet are still numb/painfull) the house.
So, just to re-cap.
May 13, I had a brain tumor removed.
May 20, taken to hospital throwing up thinking it was something to do with recent surgery.
May 26, diagosed with GBS. Rapid onset, on a guys know the drill..ICU, CCU, eventualy on a ward.
July 14 re-hab hospital
July 31 released.
Sept 11 – back to first hospital with hubby

THATS IT.. I am not going to, or taking anyone to a hospital for a long time!
I have had enough ot them!!!

Pity they dont give frequent visitor miles, I would have earned a trip to Hawaii