Let’s be clear

October 24, 2011 at 4:36 am

[FONT=”Microsoft Sans Serif”]I did not see any attacks on the “Cured” thread against you Kelly. Differences of opinion, yes. Folks wanting to back people off my claim, yes. But attacks? None that I can see.

As far as harassing phone calls and private messages– I can not speak to this as I know of no one who has admitted such things nor can I imagine anyone besides me having enough skin in the game, at the time, to feel so passionate– and, for the record, I certainly never contacted you personally in anyway whatsoever. I never even came close to feel such a motivation– to throw stones in the form of hidden attacks. Although you do not accuse me of such attacks, it should be noted that my communication style is one of directness, as is evidenced on this forum. If there is bad blood against you, perhaps it originates from another source– and they should be ashamed of themselves.

[I](As an aside, I know of a few key people who came to my defense at the time that received nasty private messages and some were forwarded along to me for my information… Again, a shame.)[/I]

We have no battle Kelly. Simply, you were among a few others, those you referenced, that took issue with my assertion that I was cured. You and them have that right; likewise, I and the rest have the right to express our differences with you, as we did. Is that a battle? Not in my world. In my perspective, the more diversity, however uncomfortable it may feel, the more that is learned and sorted out. It is not a matter of winning or losing the argument, it is about folks hearing all of it and coming to their own decisions. Diversity breeds broadened thought, deeper discourse and a better understanding.

Again I disagree with you. You ask Linda M. why she continues to bring up the “fight with Alice.” You state that this thread is not even about that… I believe it is exactly about that in its essence. I don’t want to speak for Yuehan, but it would seem he held similar frustrations. Among much else, he wrote, “I have to say that I joined this site about the time Alice was getting “beat up.” I was elated to learn something new, yet sickened by the turmoil.” “Sickened by the turmoil,” is the spirit of it all!

You write, “There were attacks on the “CIDP cured thread”. They were against me. I guess you don’t remember that. I was viciously attacked & called all kinds of names, my parenting was questioned, etc.” I read through the thread and i don’t see what you claim. Please clarify.

Linda, you are wise when you write, “I hope we all move forward in respect and I hope folks will come back and feel as if they can easily contribute without feeling attacked by someone else’s opinion!”

I also agree with both Linda and Pam when they say that this forum’s format is a much better one for our needs than that of Facebook. The only reason Sophie and I created the Facebook page was because it became too contentious [I]here[/I] and people were contacting us privately in droves! We could not field the massive amount of inquiries coming our way and many expressed distaste for the forum and the many attributes ascribed to it by them. We needed a more central location to discuss SCT without turmoil.

I can only hope that the open dialog occurring now, disagreements included, will help dissipate the animosity and clear the path for open and free discussion, complete with respect, yet with room for differences.[/FONT]