Let me guess

December 22, 2009 at 1:26 pm

Acronym = Poor ignorant ass-ociate? Pain in the ass-ociate?

Hi Elmo,
I pretty much got the same response when I tried to get an appointment at USF clinic with Dr. Gooch. I was allowed to talk to 2 screeners who then emailed the doctor with what I said (which they immediately got all wrong) and based on this I was denied the appointment. I was told I could make an appointment with Dr. X. When I researched Dr. X, he turned out to be like a resident or a new doctor.
Most of the neuros I have met have a God complex.
We keep hearing “don’t give up” but how many times can you get kicked in the teeth and then billed for it without giving up?
I was having an EMG done last week and the neuro had needles in my muscles and was asking me to push down on his hand with the ball of my foot as hard as I could. When I pushed, my foot quivered. He had the nerve to tell me that if I did not stop doing that he would have to stop the test!! I advised him he would have to stop because I certainly wasn’t doing it on purpose.
Ok, Thanks for letting me vent on your thread. I feel better already:rolleyes: