leave florida now!

November 10, 2006 at 6:56 am

[QUOTE=KLScoville]I was curious….when I was 6 months old I was diagnosed with GBS. I ended up being temperarily paralyzed in my right leg. Lasted for about 4 months according to my mother. Now I am 38 and boy am I having some problems. Lately being sick and my legs are killing me. Like I have Restless leg syndrome. They ache when I stand, sit, walk, work, drive, etc. My toes fall asleep and go numb constantly. Somedays my legs don’t work right. Won’t pick up when I go to step up or over something. I am always tired too! There are days that the only way my legs feel better is when I am finally sound asleep. I have had blood work done and everything is normal according to my doctor. My bloodwork was done this past summer. I live in Florida and in my opinion the doctors around here are only out to get paid, don’t really care about the patient. Should I just tough it out and look for a doctor around here that maybe can help me and spend money that I don’t have while I search or what? My mom thinks that maybe GBS is coming back but I guess that I am in denial about that. Whatever is going on it is a slow and painful process. I am not even close to being disabled but it is getting hard for me to work (I am an electrician). I have to keep moving. A few years ago I use to be active but now I would rather sleep then anything. And I keep having a sneezing fit on weekends, must be allergic to something but my doctor doesn’t want to do all these expensive tests to find out what. He kindof talked me out of that. I hope someone can help me or give me some kind of advice on what to do. I really don’t have alot of money nor time to spend on not going to work. I do have medical insurance with a very high deductable that I will never meet. Help please!!! :([/QUOTE]

i used to live in naples, and i am also a cronic pain patient. if i paid that 650 a month deductable i would have about $200 to live on. those doctors are only down there in that hell of a state to make money off the old and rich. my advice is go north my friend. iv’e had my gbs for a year now from the waist down and it really sucks. talk to you soon, chedd-r