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February 8, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Geez Norb, I am sorry to hear that the Rituxan is not having much effect on the anti-MAG.
I hope you don’t mind my questions, but in my general ignorance of biology, I have to ask them.
First…I couldn’t help notice that you feel that there has been some improvement. I feel that this is a terrific sign, given that it is so hard to see any improvement when one does not have feeling to begin with. This was reinforced to me a couple of days ago when I was buying some new running shoes (couldn’t resist…60% off!!). The guy asked me where my toes were in the shoe and could I feel them touching in the front of the shoe. I had to tell the guy that I couldn’t feel a damn thing and I didn’t have a clue where the ends of my toes were. Yet, I’ve noticed so many other improvements, for example in my hands. So, if one was to ask if there was any improvement based only on what I can feel in the ends of my toes, I’d have to say there is no improvement. It’s a long way around but what I am trying to say is that if you [B]think[/B] there is some improvement (and no deterioration), then it is potentially a great sign!
Which leads back to your results for anti-MAG. They have not shown any improvement, but we still don’t know what the units are. Did they by any chance tell you what the normal range is for anti-MAG against which your numbers are being compared. Perhaps that way we can establish a multiplier because for BTU, the normal control value is <1500. (reminder that mine is 52,000 BTU by comparison).
Next, I notice that the IgG has come way down. Can we explain an improvement by virtue of the reduction of IgG? Maybe there are two factors working against you at the same time. Both IgM and IgG. Could IgG vs GM1 be an explanation? The fact that IgG has come down might explain the improvement in neuro. I note that one of the tests at the Washington University Neuromuscular Laboratory is IgG vs GM1 (normal titer <800).
It sure would be easier if we were fixing a car engine, because this biology stuff is pretty complicated. But I figure that at the root of it all, [B]there has to be[/B] an explanation.

One last question, on a different subject. I notice that you still have the Honda shown in your messages. Did you ever get the financial issue settled with them? They should be thankful for the free advertising they get from your posts.
Take care