late to reading your post Dick S.

August 31, 2007 at 2:24 pm

Dick S.
We’ve been away for a few days so I missed your post of a few days ago.
My CIDP related PDN began 13 years ago. See my website at my signature below. On part of it there is a page about my nerve pain experience and minor falls of atmospheric pressure. More on my site. The extra pain and those pressure situations have been invariably shown on our water barometer. Graphic of one on my site.
Since April and what has passed for summer here in the UK (and much of northern Europe too) my pain has been very severe again. When friends comment, ‘Nicer warm day today Ken. Should be good for you’ I cringe. It is difficult to explain about these mini pressure falls and their effect.

An hour ago I spoke to a friend, mother of a godson of mine. She has a CIDP related neuropathy too and is also going through the great pain too. C also has such a barometer and says that the connection indicated does not vary.

Earlier in the afternoon I literally bumped into a lady in our local post office.She apologised that her feet do not know for sure where they are going. Same for me I replied! It turned out that she has osteo-arthritis and has had severe pain since April and associated it with weather effects.

Dick you wrote: “My feet still suffer through the drawn up tendons.” That’s my 13 years experience. In recent weeks the tension from them has been affecting up to my knees. Have not been able to drive this week.

So it is not warmth I relate to but minor pressure falls. But it has been worse in recent months.:)