August 12, 2008 at 4:57 am

HI there Stacey,
well you are doing well even contemplating letting your son start kindy,!!! My kindy rang last week and i told them i wasnt ready to let my baby (last of 3) start yet, why do i want to rush her growing up!!!!!!!!!!. Hubby thinks im mad but what the heck i love having her around and we do lots of cool things all the time, AND she still sleeps in pm (during Kindy hours) so i would be mad to disrupt that just to make more pick ups and drop offs eh?? She is well socialised with having older siblings etc and before long she wont want to be hanging out with me so i am making the most of it!!!!! I dont care about being selfish, that is why i have children, to enjoy them.

Re the ivig, ditto to everything else everyone has said. Sounds very skimmpy to me, talk about rashions!!!!!!!!!
Hope it gets sorted for you
all the best