April 28, 2008 at 12:11 pm

I was dx in Nov 2007 with CIDP. Everything you have listed has been the ?normal course for me, except for the bowels. The only problem i have there is loss of sensation and when i have to go it is a right now thing.
My husband had to build new lower steps that are wide enough to accomadate a walker for me to get in and out of the house.
standing or attempting to walk, even with the walker was an excuratating experience., remains difficult as going up steps do.
use an electric power chair to go to a store with dave. i have only had it for two weeks. until then had not been to a store for over six months.
plasmaphresis with prednisone and cellcept seem to have done the most for me, but is short acting. had my last phresis on april 4, had 17 good days and am now experiencing a relapse and will be calling md in am to see about more phresis.
hell is the name of the game, however, with frequent rest periods, meditation, and prayer you can get to a better place mentally.
i thought i would never adjust to these changes in my body, mind, speech, etc. but, i have found with help from the people here on the forum, prayer and david, i’m slowly recognizing when to rest for a day, do more, call md, etc.
you will improve. you will begin to know what your body is telling you. we are all the same, but react different to this crazy illness.
keep on posting and know we are here for you.