Keep positive

August 2, 2008 at 5:48 am

Hi ya Alice,
good on ya for staying positive about your new treatment plan. Positiveness is so important but so to is staying in tune with how your body is really going. Our minds can be jsut as strong and play funny games on us as well, ie justifying any weakness on maybe a strenuous or overactive day etc. A basic rule of thumb i use (my neuro told me this) is if i have 3 days of increased weakness even if it is very gradual to get in touch with him. Hang in there and all the best
(agree you should proabaly be on a calcium sup)
(I have done o pred and for last 9 mths on slightly different plan – pulse methylpred – so have had increased appetite (so crappy weight gain), major hair thinning (is growing back all super curly and frizzy now) mild acne (although seems alot for me as never really had that before) insomnia (have learned to manage in a number of ways) irritability (but am sure can blame that on the hubby too if i think about it for long enough!!!!!!!)
Seems to be all good on the increase strength side etc so will accept that for now.
kiwi chick